The Lyre of Mesopotamia (A song from Persia/ Iranshahr)

The lyre of Mesopotamia is a reconstruction of the sample found by Sir Leonard Wooley from the Sumerian city of Ur which dates back to 4700 years ago. The lyre, whose vocal range is 5.1 octaves, is kept at the University of Pennsylvania. Two samples of this musical instrument have been reconstructed by Seyfolah Shokri.

The first one was ordered by the United Nations in 2009, and it was presented to the representatives of the United Nations at a ceremony. The second one – as you can see in this clip – was ordered by Parviz Shahcheraghi in 2014.

Reconstruction of the instrument: Seyfolah Shokri Composer and Player: Rabe Zand Director: Hamed Ahmadi Camera: Vahid Golriz Edit: Farhad Najafi-Fard Photographer: Niloufar Frahmand Assistant Cameraman: Omid Kyani and Hamid Najafi Produced in: Studio Beel Produced by the order of: Parviz Shahcheraghi